Passion: An intense emotion, a competing enthusiasm or desire for something.

Perseverance: Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Purpose: The reason for which something exists.

My name is Taylor Drescher. I am a believer in God, a third generation Marine, a hopeless romantic and engaged to the love of my life. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a prior competitive cheerleader and 3X National Champion with the University of Louisville. I am a former National Professional Grid League athlete for the Los Angeles Reign. I am a 2x Regional level CrossFit Games Individual athlete, and a 2x Regional level CrossFit Games Team athlete. I was a member of Team CDR Redlands and placed 7th place in the 2016 CrossFit Games in Carson California.

I am a dreamer, a fighter, an individual with a burning PASSION for excelling in physical and mental feats. Since the age of 19 I have longed to qualify for the CrossFit Games as an individual athlete…. and I won’t stop until I do. I believe that my character is developing daily as I am faced with adversity and I continue to choose PERSEVERANCE over backing down. I have met countless individuals along the way who have helped write my story and given me the tools to create the life I desire.

I believe that the mentors in my life and my faith in God has put me into a position where I am now comfortable making myself vulnerable to the community that may choose to follow me. I believe in critical thinking and mental toughness. I believe in breaking down walls and stereotypes.I believe in being a role model for the future generation. I believe in positive attitudes and always finding a way to win. I believe in being a relentless student of leadership and that love makes the world go round. I believe that respect is earned, never given and Marines are some of the fiercest individuals on the planet, not because they are born that way, but because they are made that way. I believe that America is the greatest country because of the men and women who sacrifice to defend it. I believe becoming a master of your trade and devoting countless hours to do what others won’t is one of the most challenging but rewarding accomplishments one can achieve. I believe that if you can’t go a day without thinking about something, then you should never stop working for it.I believe that team work truly does make the dream work. I believe in accountability, integrity, trust, honor, courage and commitment. I believe that experience is irreplaceable and that taking risks are often necessary. I believe that my PURPOSE is to lead others through unwavering fortitude and to live out the life God has in store for me.

I believe that your passion leads you to your purpose, but only those who chose to persevere will be the change they wish to see in the world.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarah Hedges

    Morning Taylor, I will be entering OCS this September and would like to talk with you prior to shipping out. My email is attached. Thanks, Sarah H.


  2. Francis

    Hey Taylor!!! I was at regionals with you and it was amazing watching you compete. Im interested in the programming you’re offering. I just made E6 and I’m going through LCAC Navigator school. I can only get to my gym for an hour at night. But there’s a gym on my compound and we get time to train at lunch. I would love to take my training to the next level to prepare for my next school, eventually becoming a better leader, and maybe a chief. There’s not many woman in my field and I would love to change that. My class has the most woman ever to go through the course. We lead the pack! We run in the front of every formation run through the beach and we sing the loudest cadence. I’m interested in your programing along with mentorship.


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