Conjugate Tips to Success:

  1. MINDSET: Stick to the plan!
    • Commit to the process and the results will come.
    • Ask questions as to the purpose, method, or science behind training if you do not understand in order to become a SMART athlete.
  2. Dynamic Effort Days:
    • Do the percentages listed + added resistance,do not go heavier. (usually 50-70%)
    • Dynamic days are meant for fast BAR SPEED, so if you ever DO need to change the percentage used, decrease weight to increase bar speed vs increasing weight to “feel” like you are doing more work.
  3. Max Effort days:
    • Do not go until failure on main lifts. Because we do Max Effort variations 2x a week, do not get USED TO failing. Breed MINDSET of hitting successful main lifts.
    • Train with a partner to:
      • Spot you
      • Hand bar out to you on any bench movement (protect your rotator cuffs)
      • Call you before you fail
    • Take Big jumps, until you reach 85-90%
    • Minimum of 72 hrs rest between Max Effort Upper and Max Effort Lower days.
  4. Accessories:
    • This is where it is ok to push until failure (we are training smaller muscle groups)
    • Increase weight on each set
    • Rest longer between sets if you need to
    • RECORD these numbers. Example; DB Bench Press; 30,35,40 (increase starting weight next time you perform this movement to 35#) count these as PR’s
    • High rep finishers are key to staying healthy!
      • The purpose is to increase blood flow and nutrients to areas worked. (Keeps joints, ligaments, tendons strengthened and healthy.)
  5. Have Fun:
    • Stick to the plan, but don’t be married to it
    • Never turn down a good challenge if you are healthy, able and in good company
    • Enjoy the process and celebrate your small successes as they come